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May 15, 2012 4:00am EDT
with recession. it includes cuts in debt and deposit ratings. joining us today is michael brown. good to see you. your reaction to the data this morning. growth numbers for both italy and germany. >> they've had a significant build up in inventories and stocks as the auto enter has been gearing up for production. you can see it in the bmw figures. we straightforward. germany is functioning because -- >> that even boosted u.s. growth in the first quarter. >> you need to make the sales. you can't keep the level going. it's part of that cycle that you get that seasonal al cycle that you get when you have a highly productive manufacturing based economy. >> doesn't bode well pot rest of the eurozone then. germany continues to truck along and you're saying it's just a blip that doesn't bode well. >> the ifo numbers have continued to be strong which means that it could well keep chugging along quite happily. remember, expectations for growth this year, you've just done it in the first quarter. so you don't have to do very much to beat expectations. but it's not about germany. it's about italy and spain
May 21, 2012 4:00am EDT
jacobson is joining us for it more. and in new york, josh brown. tim, first of all, if they set the i abopo price at 38, does t mean they priced it right or wrong? >> in one sense they got it right. on the other hand, i think that everybody's realizing they squeezed most of the juice out of the ipo and one of the big issues is what will happen today. because it closed at 38 really because the banks were intervening to mop up the stock. so the interesting time will be this morning. >> because you think row tail investors might look at this and say if they had to get in this and support the price now, we better be safe than sorry and get out of these shares. >> i think before the ipo, there were two these ceas there -- once you start replacing the idea that this may go to big increase, the real issue is fear. why see too many retail investors buying this morning. >> there's also a question of what this means for the nasdaq. a lot of people saying this could be a big turning point for them, maybe winning more business going forward. how much has that changed after what happened on friday? >> i
May 22, 2012 4:00am EDT
't independent in what gordon brown was up to. because even though they were hitting the cpi target, that was mainly because there was a lot of cheap imported goods. but you had a property boom, you had an asset price boom. and that was obvious for a lot of us to see. and you looked it at the money supply figures, you knew that a lot of the growth in the economy is really on steroids. it wasn't real. and if you you had had a really genuinely independent bank of england, they would have said enough is enough. but i expect the man down in the treasury would have trohrown hi hands up in horror. he never did want a second term, so there you go. >> we have to leave it there for now on this topic. ruth, thanks very much for coming in. first to china where policymakers and top academics are reportedly in heated debate about what to do with the country's capital account. tracey chang explains. >> that's right. a pboc backed newspaper says officials and scholars are figuring out if now is the best time for china to free it capital account. this essentially means china should look into liftin
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3